India-Canada set to boost trade ties, nuclear commerce

India and Canada are set to boost their economic ties, with the two nation in the final stages of finalising a series of trade-related pacts, including nuclear commerce and moving towards a free-trade agreement.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit Mumbai and Delhi between November 15 and 18 and meet with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, sources said, adding that it is intended to be a turning point in the trade relationship between the two nations.

Last week, India’s Commerce Secretary Rahul Kullar met in Ottawa with Trade Minister Stockwell Day and other top officials and signalled that after years of little progress, India was seeking real advances in trade.

A long-awaited deal on investment, an agreement on energy exchanges, and an accord that allows Canada’s nuclear industry to sell to India are expected within about a month, according to a press release issued by the Indian High Commission.

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