Multipurpose Ball Valves Of SK Series – Swagelok

SK series of multipurpose ball valves through the turn of the handle of 90 degrees provide the forced closure in respect of the technological process and control systems of general purpose in liquid systems. The basic differences between ball valves SK series include stainless steel of grade 316, seat of spring valve, ball float, control at low torque and compact design.

Seat of spring valve and ball float valve provides tight technical condition in systems as a low or high pressure, reducing the physical wear and increasing the life cycle of the equipment. The small torque effect makes convenient hand control while using the pneumatic and electric drive gear of less power. The compact dimensions and a standard panel mounting make these valves ideal for panel mounting.

In addition to the function of manually switch connection, SK series valves are available with standard pneumatic gear for stuff-gear driven lifts from Swagelok company or 5211-compatible with ISO system. A set of frontal connections includes Swagelok tube fitting with the gripping control, the pipe thread NPT and ISO and the sealing ring VCO at the end of the fitting. The dimensions globe-valves are 6 mm and 8 mm. The options include the low-temperature environment conditions and the availability of high-sulphur gas. The multipurpose ball valves Swagelok of SK series are designed for the nominal operating pressure up to 413 bar and temperatures within the range from -40 to 150 ° C.

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